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Revelens Debuts Contextual Video Bookmarking

At the Collision Conference 2014, held in May 2014, Revelens debuted their web-based contextual video bookmarking platform. Revelens provides an entirely new approach to creating revenue streams–while also delivering an engaging, interactive and non-disruptive viewing experience for consumers.

For video publishers, the Revelens platform introduces a seamless way of embedding hundreds of engagement points per program view — without interruption or distraction for the viewer. For viewers, the Revelens experience allows them to simply tap or click the screen during a video to bookmark a scene to reveal products, personalities or additional information from that scene. Revelens gives viewers access to information or the ability to purchase products from their bookmarked scenes — during the program, or after they’ve finished viewing.

The Revelens platform is comprised of two basic components: a simple consumer-facing client, and a full-featured cloud server back-end. The architecture allows Revelens technology to be rapidly integrated with existing streaming media solutions, without the need to adopt a separate platform.

A thin layer, the front-end client, rides on top of industry-standard streaming solutions, and mediates the exchange between a streaming exhibition and a server back-end, which hosts the Revelens pattern-matching engine. Consumers interact with the front-end, which then captures interactions and forwards them to the back-end. The back-end engine provides anything from a fully authored experience with custom links, to an automated link-matching engine tied to customer user profiles, and any variation in between.

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