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Vibrant Launches Contextual Video Ad Solution

Vibrant Media, a leader in premium contextual advertising, has launched Vibrant Lightbox Video, connecting brands and audiences in a cinematic way that is user-initiated.

Vibrant Lightbox Video brings together sight, sound, and motion for a relevant video experience that captures 100% share of voice for brands. It delivers contextually targeted ads in a brand-safe environment.

Lightbox aligns with Vibrant’s strategic vision to expand its existing suite of contextual solutions with innovative placements that deliver high performance for top brands and new revenue opportunities for quality publishers. Unlike pre-roll, which has a limited supply of content inventory, Lightbox can reach audiences wherever relevant content exists and the video can be triggered by users through Vibrant in-text hyperlinks in content or from Vibrant Image in-image ads. As a result, Lightbox extends the reach of video advertising beyond the confines of pre-existing video content.

Vibrant’s contextual platform (VXPlatform) includes a suite of advertising products – Vibrant Image, Vibrant Lightbox Video, and Vibrant Display – in addition to the company’s flagship In-Text.

Vibrant Lightbox Video can currently run through Vibrant In-Text and Vibrant Image contextual ad solutions. Lightbox will include YouTube integration, social media sharing features, social feeds, and companion units, in addition to other features.

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